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Recall Readiness By Llaine Groninger (2017)     
The Science of taste and Smell Perception By Robert M. Sobel, PhD (2017)     
Vanilla in Chocolate, and its Impact on Flavor By Kristen Domenick (2017)     
Natural Colors and Adulteration By Jeff Plodzien (2017)     
Confectionery Formula and Label Compliance for the EU Market By Oliver Leedam and Luke Murphy (2017)     
US Confectionery Industry Regulatory Update 2017 By Amy Tatelbaum, Laura Shumow (2017)     
The Challenges of Artisan Truffle Manufacturing By Dave Owens (2017)     
Best Demonstrated Practices for Bulk Handling of Chocolate and Confectionery Coating By Liz Miller (2017)     
Controlling Water Activity for Consistent Quality By Brandon Jahner (2017)     
Managing Label Compliance in a Dynamic Environment By Gwen Evenstad (2017)     
Novel Textures in Jelly Candies with Starches and Hydrocolloids By Sanjiv Avashia (2017)     
Environmental Monitoring and Control of Listeria in Low-Moisture Foods By Charles T Deibel and Laurie Post, Phd (2017)     

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