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Inclusions-The Inside Story By Mark Jarrard Jr. (2014)     
Control of Caramel Texture through Formulation By Heather Mendenhall, Rich Hartel (2014)     
Social and Mobile Marketing By Michael Kelly (2014)     
Layers of Flavors By Peter Greweling (2014)     
Cacao Flavor Through Genetics-Anatomy of Fine Flavor By Ed Seguine and Lyndel Meinhardt (2014)     
U.S. Regulatory Update By Zara Khaleeli (2014)     
Sugar and Sweeteners By Stefanie Ringo (2014)     
Cocoa Economics: A Dynamic Environment By Brandon Witte (2014)     
Sensory Ingredients…Applications in Confectionery By Isabella Campbell (2014)     
Technology0Enabled Collaboration By George Bustelo (2014)     
Zero Waste to Landfill By Jenni Habib Leserman and Anthony Habib, Jr. (2014)     
The RSPO Standard and its Supply Chains By Bob Norman (2014)     
Leveraging the Performance of Salt By Janice Johnson, PhD (2014)     
Fine Vines and Heavenly Chocolate By Ann Brinkerhoff (2014)     
Responding to an Environmental Positive By Jeff Lucas (2014)     
Product Development Pitfalls By Brian R. Bernard (2014)     
Cocoa Farming in Indonesia: Present Challenges By Muhammad Junaid (2014)     
Global Food Safety: A Journey By Liliana Casal-Wardle, PhD (2014)     

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