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Shelf Life of Filling Fats By Ed Wilson (2012)     
New Developments in Gelling Agents By Henrik Aabye Jensen (2012)     
Effective Sensory Quality Control By Priscille Pradal (2012)     
The Supplier Approval Process By Virginia Edelman (2012)     
Quantifying Sucrose Crystal Content in Fondant By Tessa Porter and Richard Hartel, PhD (2012)     
Manufacturing A New Product: A Common-Sense Approach By Gabriela Peña (2012)     
U.S. Regulatory Update By Laura Shumow (2012)     
Healthy Claims: Regulatory and Labeling Risks By Keith Schafer (2012)     
Fat Bloom in Palm Kernel-Based Coatings By Adam C. Lechter (2012)     
Proteins in Confectionery By Harshal Kshirsagar, PhD, Kate Jacobsen (2012)     
Shelf Life of High-Moisture Confections By RW Hartel, PhD, KM Labuza, and TP Labuza, PhD (2012)     
Shelf Life of Confectionery Products By TP Labuza, PhD and RW Hartel, PhD (2012)     
Workforce Retention By John Indra and Tim Wolff (2012)     
Chocolate Fat Bloom By Melissa Tisoncik (2012)     

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