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Cocoa Genetics and Breeding By Edward S. Seguine (2010)     
Microbiological Risk Analysis for Confectionery Products By Tim Galloway (2010)     
Confectionery in Emerging Markets‘A Fascinating World By Philippe Zehnder (2010)     
Sensory Analysis of Chocolate Liquor By Stacy Reed (2010)     
Improving Syrup Functionality in Confections By Jim Mitchell (2010)     
Rheology for the Confectioner using Rotational Rheometers By Gregory W. Kamykowski, PhD (2010)     
Caking Problems in Candy Manufacturing By Carie Hartford (2010)     
Natural and Nature-identical Colors in Confections By Leslie Lynch (2010)     
Deposited Soft Confections By Anthony Habib, Jr. (2010)     
Shellac-The Natural Polymer By Stephen Santos (2010)     
Cocoa Genetics and Breeding By Edward S. Seguine (2010)     
Methods for the Analysis of Polyphenols in Food By W.J. Hurst (2010)     

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