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Sugar Supply and Demand Outlook By Paul Meyers (2006)     
Update of Food Allergens for Confectioners By Steve L. Taylor (2006)     
Fun Fections By Robert Boutin (2006)     
Where has All the Trans Gone, or Has It? By Ed Wilson (2006)     
Allergen Labeling and Control Practices in the U.S. By Alison Bodor (2006)     
Glycemic Response-What's New? By Ronald C. Deis (2006)     
Which Facility Audit is Best for You? By Kathy Wybourn (2006)     
Fats and Oils 101: A Primer By John Shuleva (2006)     
Sugarfree Chewing Gum and Oral Health By Michael W.J. Dodds (2006)     
Conquering Shelf-life Issues of Chocolate By Marlene Stauffer (2006)     

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