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Stroud Jordan Award to Tim Murphy (September 2004)     
AACT Officers (October 2004)     
Confectionery Product Development By Judy Cooley (October 2004)     
Flavors by Words By Suzanne C. Johnson, PhD (October 2004)     
Bulking Agents for Sugar By Michael Lindley, PhD (October 2004)     
Sugarless Hard Panning By Robert Boutin, Akila Kannan and Jonathan Warner (November 2004)     
Functionality of High-Potency Sweeteners By Joe Bell (November 2004)     
Labeling Claims By Greg Johnson (November 2004)     
Cocoa in Transition By John Long (November 2004)     
Allergen Labeling Becomes Mandatory in United States By Alison Bodor (December 2004)     
Cogeneration for Confectioners By William Ryan, PhD (December 2004)     
Licensing Brands By Bill Jachthuber (2004)     
Encapsulation Technology By Anton Angelich (2004)     

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