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Stroud Jordan Award (August 2000)     
2000 Stroud Jordan Award (September 2000)     
Polyols in Confectionery By Ronald C. Deis, PhD (October 2000)     
Stability Operations By Terry Schindeldecker (October 2000)     
Oil and Fats for Confections By Bob Wainwright (October 2000)     
AACT Technical Session 2000 (November 2000)     
Herbal Nutraceuticals in Confections By David Deck (November 2000)     
Choosing VOC Control Technology, A Case Study By Michael Bianco (November 2000)     
Using Confectionery Equipment to Manufacture Chewing Gum By Douglas P. Fritz (November 2000)     
Sensory Properties of Milk Components in Milk Chocolate By John Urbanski (November 2000)     
Sugar and Peanut Programs By Stephen G. Lodge (November 2000)     
Acidulant Use in Sour Confections By Koen F. Kummel (December 2000)     
Confectionery Laboratory Basics By David Evanson and William Ikins (December 2000)     
Canadian Food Labeling An Overview By John Rowsome (January 2001)     
International Color Regulations By Paul Collins and Carol Riddle (January 2001)     
Biotechnology and Foods By Stephanie A. Smith, PhD (January 2001)     
Policy and Regulatory Challenges By Stephanie A. Smith, PhD (January 2001)     
Chocolate Belt Panning By John I. Cooke (February 2001)     

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