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1999 Stroud Jordan Award (September 1999)     
Problems Caused by the U.S. Sugar Program By Richard Harshman (October 1999)     
The Clean Air Act By Ned E.Mitchell (October 1999)     
HACCP - Type Strategies for Allergen Control By Steven L.Taylor, PhD (October 1999)     
Confectionery Oils and Fats - Profiling Fat Functionality By Mark Weyland (October 1999)     
Cold Process Starches By Carl O.Moore (October 1999)     
Chocolate, the 5% Option... What if? By Edmund Wilson (November 1999)     
Crisis Management in the Food Industry By Tony Hines (November 1999)     
Assessment and Abatement of Volatile Organic Materials By J. Patrick Stevens (November 1999)     
Clean Air Act Compliance Issues By James T. Dufour (November 1999)     
NAFTA and International Regulatory Update By Susan Cheney (November 1999)     
The Origins and Character of Cocoa Beans By Edward Hanneman (December 1999)     
Allergens - Government Standpoint By Elizabeth J. Campbell (December 1999)     
Nutraceuticals in the Confection Industry By T. Leslie Fisher (December 1999)     
Public Health Issues for the Confectioner By Fred R. Shank (December 1999)     
Biotechnology Issues By Kyd D. Brenner (December 1999)     
Sensory Impact on Food Choices By Carol M. Christensen (February 2000)     
The Origins and Character of Cocoa Beans By Edward \(Ted\) Hanneman (February 2000)     

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