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Technical Session - Brittles and Toffees (August 1997)     
Stroud Jordan Award: Richard E. Schier (September 1997)     
Chocolate Melting and Tempering By Edward Hanneman (September 1997)     
Tempered Chocolate Handling-Piping and Pumping of Tempered Mass By Chip Huggins and Edward Seguine (September 1997)     
Hard Coat Panning By Radka Kacena (October 1997)     
Practical HACCP - Past, Present and Future By Sharon Purvis (October 1997)     
Sensory Evaluation By Thomas L. Wolfe (October 1997)     
Confectionery Exporting: A Brief Overview By Judy Cooley (November 1997)     
Confectionery Exporting: The Pacific Rim By Gary Carter (November 1997)     
Confectionery Exporting: Latin America By Peter Healy (November 1997)     
Confectionery Exporting: EU Countries By Dorothy W.Flowerdew (November 1997)     
Confectionery Exporting: Middle Eastern Countries By Audrey Talley (November 1997)     
Volatile Organic Compounds \(VOCs\) By Steven C.Sawyer (November 1997)     
Mould Making - Designed as Art, Designed to Work By Robert Klein (November 1997)     
Moguls Yesterday and Today By Edmund J.Pyrz (December 1997)     
Starch Conditioning By John Cooke (December 1997)     
Conditioning the Panning Room By David Hope Otuwa (December 1997)     
The Gumming Process By Thomas Copping (December 1997)     
Starch Drying and Dry Rooms By Anthony Habib (December 1997)     
After Demoulding, the Next Step By Sylvia J.Coyle (December 1997)     

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