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Licorice Technology By Jim Clark (October 1996)     
Gelatin Solutions By Jim Burroughs (October 1996)     
Starches - New Applications and Combinations By Carl O. Moore (October 1996)     
Expansion Technology By John Flanyak, PhD (October 1996)     
Exporting Confections - What to Consider By Dennis J. Krall (October 1996)     
Chocolate Processing Overview By Marlene Stauffer (October 1996)     
Short-Time Conching By Rudolf Knops (October 1996)     
The Conching Process By Kurt Müntener (October 1996)     
Sugar Candy - Extrude. Sheet and Cut Process By Domenic Antonellis (November 1996)     
Tableted Confections By Walter Vink (November 1996)     
Tableted Confections: Machinery Review By David Patrick (November 1996)     
Environmental Regulations By Steven C. Sawyer (November 1996)     
Pectin and Other Hydrocolloids in Gelled Confections By James M. Carr, PhD (November 1996)     
The Use of Carrageenan and Cellulose Gell in Gummi Candy By Donna Pechillo; Mark Izzo (November 1996)     
Cellulose Gel and Carrageenan By Marlene Tuazon (November 1996)     
Continuous Conching By Rolf Bauermeister (December 1996)     

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