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AACT - Chicago Section


Melissa Tisoncik
Blommer Chocolate
mtisoncik @
Vice Chairperson:

 Jeff Bogusz

Ferrara Candy

jeff.bogusz @


Kate Jacobsen

Sensient Sweet Flavors

 (847) 645-7306

kate.jacobsen @


Philippe Levresse


 philippe.levresse @
Program Chairperson:

Daniel Souphankhaysy
Ferrara Candy
daniel.souphankhaysy @

Melissa Tate
Ferrara Candy
melissa.tate @

Membership Chairperson:

Michael Gordon

Capol LLC


gordon @

Special Events:

Laura A. Christian

Bell Flavors & Fragrances


lchristian @

Joni Stern

Stern Ingredients, Inc.


joni @

Information and Event

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Board Members

Joni Stern

Sandy Murphy

Margaret Walther

Jeff Bogusz

Tim Murphy

Laura Christian

Kate Jacobsen

Bill Goff

Melissa Tisoncik
Daniel Souphankhaysy
Melissa Tate
Philippe Levresse
Michael Gordon


Stroud Jordan Award

For outstanding contribution and achievement in the confectioneering industry,

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2018 Recipient
Past Recipients

AACT's John Kitt

Memorial Scholarship

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